Our experienced crew will carefully pack your items to ensure that they reach your new home safely.
Furniture will be lined with a layer of waxed paper and reinforced with double-walled cardboard. Chinaware, glassware and crystal will be securely wrapped in soft tissue or “newsprint” and bubble wrapped before being placed into padded boxes. Clothing will be packed into flat packs lined with soft tissue or hung in stand-up wardrobes as necessary to prevent wrinkling. Electrical items will be packed with layers of bubble-wrap or Styrofoam and then placed into cartons – we will utilize the original cartons if they are available. Glass and marble tops will be wrapped with Styrofoam padding and double-walled cardboard before being placed into made-to-measure wooden cases. Pictures and paintings will be protected by a layer of wax paper, Styrofoam padding and double-walled cardboard before being secured into made-to-measure wooden cases. Pianos will be carefully lined with waxed paper, Styrofoam padding and double-walled cardboard and then secured into a made-to-measure wooden case.

Each package will be recorded and numbered to a packing list and you will be given a copy.

Desiccant such as silica gel and absorbent poles are always included for the purpose of controlling humidity within the individual packages and within the shipping containers.

Boxes of different sizes are available for your collectibles and toys, and we will happily deliver some to your home in advance of your confirmed pack date per your request.