Data Protection & Privacy Policy

The information contained in this document is intended for general distribution.

This document sets forth how HELUTRANS will manage Personal Data that it collects in the normal course of business and provides some of the key policy guidelines on how personal data is to be collected, stored, handled and protected. A full version of the Policy is available upon request.

The Policy describes HELUTRANS’ standard procedure governing access to and use of Personal Data. Any Personal Data and information collected by HELUTRANS will only be used to provide international moving services that HELUTRANS have been contracted to provide, including the sharing as required of information to third parties who are related to the provision of international moving services.

As part of this Policy, HELUTRANS will comply in all material respects with the local laws and legislation enacted by the Personal Data Protection Regulations in where HELUTRANS offices are located. The Policy is designed to inform everyone working for HELUTRANS about their obligations to protect the privacy of all individuals and the security of “Personal Data”.

HELUTRANS provide notice about privacy policy and procedures at the time of customer engagement (e.g. during the survey period). We are committed to respect our customers by handling all personal information collected in accordance with applicable law as well as our own Data Privacy/Protection Policy. Reference to this policy is also included as a disclaimer on all outgoing email communication.

We agree not to use or disclose without consent personal information for any purpose other than for the services we have been contracted to provide. Information will be stored in a secure environment and we will make all efforts to ensure the security of confidential information.

Personal Data
This includes our customer’s names, occupations, address, personal and business contact information, details and value of home contents/artwork and storage locations, personal documents such as passports, visas and work permits, and completed customs documentation. All information provided will be used, retained and disclosed confidentially to our supply chain on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Transmission of Personal Data
Personal information will not be disclosed or provided/sold to any parties who are not part of the supply chain.

Storage of Personal Information
Information is stored on a secure server and is protected from unauthorized access. Data should never be saved directly to laptops or other mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Use of Personal Data by our Third-Party providers / Agents
If you are a partner / agent of HELUTRANS’ supply chain, we require you to ensure and provide sufficient security measures and take reasonable steps to ensure compliance with those measures contained in the Policy. The guidelines of the Policy should also be brought to the attention of all those acting on your behalf, whose work involves the handling of personal data.

This policy is extended to you, our Supply Chain partner and all those who act on your behalf. In addition to the compliance with this policy you will also uphold all the local laws governing the Data Protection and Privacy Act.

Randy Chiu
General Manager
Helu-Trans (S) Pte Ltd